Ann Peyson is the secondary main character in the Ferris Bueller TV Show in Episode 10: Stand-In Delivery who dates Cameron Frye, but later cheats on him for Ferris Bueller. She is played by Carla Gugino.

Ferris Bueller TV Show Edit

Ann Peyson is a new student from a small town in Ohio. She meets Cameron Frye when he falls down the stairs, and she helps him up. Ever since, they started dating and "have been inseparable", which is why Ferris and Cameron rarely see each other. When Ferris gets to school, he sees Cameron frustrated because Ann's father Officer Peyson forbids him to see her because he took her home at 7 am after they slept in the drive-end together. Ferris asks what's so different about him, and sees that he is a police man.

- - to be continued - -

Trivia Edit

  • This episode and her character changes the fact that the movie Cameron Frye has never been in love, and no one ever fell in love with him.