This article is about the TV Show version of Cameron. You may be looking for the movie version of Cameron Frye.

Cameron Frye is the deurotagonist and best friend of Ferris Bueller and Sloan Peterson in the Ferris Bueller TV Show. He hates high school because of how dirty the areas are, and doesn't like to go to wild parties. He is played by Brandon Douglas.

Ferris Bueller TV Show Edit

Episode 1: Pilot Edit

Cameron is seen riding with Ferris Bueller in the limbo before the first day of school. When they stop by the Santa Monica beach to get some ice cream, Cameron rants about how terrible high school is. He then thanks Ferris when he uses his hacking computer to take Cameron out of gym class. When Ferris tells him that he put himself in all of Sloan’s classes, Cameron tells him that if she has plans to graduate, she would not give him time so they can hang out.

When they arrive at Ocean Park High School, Ed Rooney is talking to the students about how he will no longer tolerate bad behavior when Arthur Petrelli gets called up on stage when he is blamed for saying “What is this? High school or prison?”- - to be continued - -

Movie Differences Edit

Just like in the movie, Cameron does not like going places, and gets constantly sick. In the show, he becomes popular amongst the high school students in Episode 4: Without You, I'm Nothing when he changes the mascot to poodles and convinces Ed Rooney to unsuspend Ferris. He even falls in love and dates Ann Peyson in Episode 10: Stand in Delivery.

Trivia Edit

  • Cameron breaking the viking statue is very similar to Cameron destroying his dad's car.
    • Ferris said that when he destroyed the statue, he broke Rooney's pride. This is also a similar concept to Cameron's change of character against his father.