Gary Hammerschmidt is the secondary antagonist and an honor student in the Ferris Bueller TV Show who runs against Ferris Bueller in the Student President Election, hand-picked by Ed Rooney, but loses quickly to Shred. He is played by Jamie Calvert.

Ferris Bueller TV Show Edit

Episode 2: Behind Every Dirtbag Edit

Gary is first mentioned by Sloan Peterson who asks Ferris Bueller if he has a chance against him, and Ferris just says that Gary is "butter milk". This tells us that Gary is going against Ferris in the Student President Election, but he is not getting as much recognition as Ferris. This makes Ed Rooney mad, so when Ferris is later about to give a little speech about his presidency, he is interrupted by Mr. Rooney who changes up the rules so only members of the senior class can run, since Gary is a senior.

- - to be continued - -

Personality Edit

Gary is described to be an honor student and the captain of the debating team with a full scholarship to Cornell University. However, he is pretty much like a mini-Rooney since they are both against Ferris Bueller and his ways, and takes much pride in keeping the school in strict order. In the debate, he talked about how the honor student cheating should be severely punished with suspension or expulsion. Also, after he says the correct answer to Mr. Rickets' question about Napoleon's fate, he gracefully says that "it was all in the required reading".