Jeannie Bueller is the secondary antagonist and older sister of Ferris Bueller in the Ferris Bueller TV Show. She has been in many relationships, has a grudge against other people, and a nose job. She is played by Jennifer Aniston.

Biography Edit

Episode 1: Pilot Edit

Jeannie was in the bathroom curling her eye lashes when Ferris Bueller was destroying a cardboard cutout of Matthew Broderick‘s Ferris, and yells about it. Ferris then talks about his sis overreacting and points out that she thinks he gets away with murder and has a nose job.

to be continued

Movie Differences Edit

Just like in the movie, Jeannie hates her brother, owns a car, talks rudely to everyone, and always get caught in the act. In the show, she is a senior while Ferris is a junior. She has also been proven to be not all bad. Her hair is long and straight like the movie Sloane Peterson.