Mr. Rickets is a World History teacher and a minor character in the Ferris Bueller TV Show. He is played by Jerry Tullos.

Ferris Bueller TV Show Edit

Episode 1: Pilot Edit

Mr. Rickets was teaching a class a lesson about World War II in the Pacific Theater. When Jeannie Bueller looks out the window to see Ferris Bueller driving off with Sloan Peterson, he asks what Douglas MacArthur's famous words were, Jeannie tells him that she'll "be right back". He ignores her walking out of the door and says that it's close, and asks if anyone else knew the answer.

Episode 2: Behind Every Dirtbag Edit

Mr. Rickets was teaching the class about Napoleon while Ferris and Cameron are talking about Shred's chances against Gary Hammerschmidt. When Mr. Rickets asks a question about Napoleon's fate, Cameron says that Shred has absolutely no chance against Gary, and is gonna get killed. Believing that Cameron was trying to say the answer, he says that he's incorrect. Gary raises his hand, and Mr. Rickets smiles proudly at him as he says the correct answer. When he congratulates Gary, he just stated that it was all in the required reading.

Later, Mr. Rickets starts out the debate against Gary and the newly-transformed Lester. The topic he uses is

Candidate Debate

Mr. Rickets starting the debate between Gary and Lester

about an honor student caught cheating on an exam, and asks the candidates what their response is. Later in the debate, when Lester asks why the students are using worn down textbooks even though there's a new color TV in the teachers lounge, Mr. Rickets shows that "We're busted!" face.

Episode 6: A Dog and His Boy Edit

Mr. Rickets is in his office talking to Barbara and Bill Bueller about the plans for Jeannie Bueller's future beyond high school.

Appearances Edit

  • Episode 1: Pilot
  • Episode 2: Behind Every Dirtbag
  • Episode 6: A Dog and His Boy

Trivia Edit

  • His acting attitude in Episode 1: Pilot was very similar to the Economics Teacher's acting.