Ferris buellers day off sloane peterson jacket
Sloane Peterson is the deuteragonist Ferris Bueller's girlfriend. She's a junior in high school and she is a cheerleader. Sloane is played by Mia Sara in the film.

Ferris Bueller's Day OffEdit

Sloane is picked up at school by Ferris and Cameron in Cameron's dad's car. They lied and said her grandma died. She goes to the Sear's Tower, The Chez Quiz, Wrigley Field, the Chicago Art Intitute, the Board of Trade, and the Von Steuben Day parade. After that they stop at Lake Michigan. After that they go in somebody's pool (it's not any of theirs). Then she goes to Cameron's house and Cameron wrecks his dad's car.


Sloane has brown straight hair and light brown eyes. She's caucasian. She wears a white fringe rodeo jacket, gray long shorts, and white boots.

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