Stacy is a minor character in the Ferris Bueller TV Show who talks to Sloan Peterson about the plans for Cameron Frye's birthday party. She is played by Linda Larkin.

Ferris Bueller TV Show Edit

Episode 5: A Rock and Rooney's Place Edit

Stacy goes up to Sloan Peterson and asks her if she wants to bring anything tonight. When Sloan asks where, Stacy says that it's Ferris' party and mentions that Allison will bring cookies and Maria will bring some cheese. Confused on how she found out, Sloan says that if Ferris is okay. When Stacy asks what it's about, she says that it's Cameron's surprise birthday party. She then adds that Cameron is cute when she goes like, "Ah!", and then walks towards her class, but before walking in, she asks Sloan if she's going to bring her meatballs. Sloan then just walks away.

A few moments later, Sloan goes up to Ferris and asks if he invited Stacy and Allison, and he said no. This made them realize that Stacy was one of the many people that somehow found out about Cameron's party.